Dragon Shield and Board Game Sleeves get brand new websites!

We are extremely happy to finally launch two brand new websites for Dragon Shield and Board Game Sleeves.

We are confident that the two new sites will be beneficial to all of you and your sales work out there.

Check them out at dragonshield.com and boardgamesleeves.com.

A world full of dragons!

The new Dragon Shield website makes it even easier to find all of Dragon Shield’s products gathered in one place. Access pictures of every item in our inventory from sleeves to gaming boxes to playmats. Download our roster of dragons as high definition wallpapers.
Catch up on the latest gaming news and strategy in our regularly updated articles and videos.

Learn even more about Dragon Shield, the world of Arcania (where our dragons live and breathe fire), and the greater gaming world with inspiration articles, news, and updates.
Curious about the stories on the backs of the Dragon Shield boxes? Now you can immerse yourself in our unique lore with even more content, background information and creative writing. 

Dragon Shields Site

Don't play games without us

On the new website for Board Game Sleeves you can find a good overview of our products and read more about each size and compability. Customers can download a helpfull size guide and compare their cards to an 1:1 drawing in order to find the perfect size match for Board Game Sleeves.

Board Game Sleeves Site

New website for arcanetinmen.com is coming soon

We are also currently working on a revamp of arcanetinmen.com site,to be revealed later this fall.
Log-in to the distributor portal will be available from all 3 sites.  

Publish Date : 8/24/2017

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