Hub Games Retailer Virtual World Tour Begins in February

Belfast, Northern Ireland- Hub Games will be kicking off its Retailer Virtual World Tour in February, starting with Prisma Arena, their latest title. Hub Games, its distribution partners, and retailers will join together to make distancing seem not so distant. Over the coming months, Hub Games will be conducting virtual visits to retailers worldwide, demoing games to staff and customers. Retailers can contact their favorite distributor for details on how to participate.

When the pandemic first hit, Hub Games immediately responded. Hub Games began a virtual world tour bringing their games to fans, stores, and guests. With social distancing continuing, Hub Games has worked with retailers to improve the concept. The Hub Games team will host forty-five-minute sessions every Monday. The events give retailers and their staff the chance to engage with customers while playing the latest Hub Games titles. The featured game will rotate every six weeks, with Prisma Arena kicking off the tour on February 15th.

With the absence of trade shows and consumer shows, it has become more difficult for the retailer to introduce new games to their customers and for publishers to connect with retailers. With the Retailer Virtual World Tour, Hub Games hopes to solve that and make some new friends along the way. To support this initiative, distributors in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Australia have a special offer for retailers interested in participating. Games will live-stream on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, allowing retailers to invite customers to watch and comment.

To sign-up, visit
If you are a retailer or distributor in a country not listed and want to join the adventure, contact Rich Gain [].

“We recognise that having to socially distance is making it extra challenging for many people. With the Retailer Virtual World Tour, we want to provide retailers an opportunity to engage with customers by offering them the chance to play, watch and hopefully, buy our games!” - Rory O’Connor, Co-owner, Hub Games.

Hub Games (formerly The Creativity Hub) is a studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland, specializing in groundbreaking tabletop games that push the boundaries of mechanics, theme, and representation in innovative ways. Founded by Rory O’Connor, creator of Rory’s Story Cubes®, and partner Anita Murphy, Hub Games continues to innovate, design, and publish a range of family-oriented games that delight and surprise alongside titles that offer players a more emotional narrative journey.

Publish Date : 2/8/2021

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