PSi Announces US Hobby Market Distribution Changes

Publisher Services Inc (PSi), a leading supplier of games to the global wholesale and retail channels announced changes today to the list of active wholesale customers it will supply in service to the US hobby retail channel. Effective June 19, PSi will only supply ACD Distribution, Alliance Games Distribution and Peachstate Hobby Distribution to the US hobby wholesale channel. This announcement does not impact territories outside the United States.

This change will impact the availability of product from the following publishers PSi represents to the US Hobby retail marketplace:

25th Century Games
Academy Games
Adams Apple Games
Alley Cat Games
Arcane Wonders
Bezier Games, Inc
Big Kid Games
Burnt Island Games
Catalyst Game Labs
Cubicle 7
Daily Magic Games
Dice Throne Inc
Dolphin Hat Games
Facade Games
Far Future Enterprises
Fireside Games
Floodgate Games
Formal Ferret Games
Galactic Raptor
God Hates Games
Golden Egg Games
Good Games Publishing
Grand Gamers Guild
Greenbrier Games
Indie Boards & Cards
Jack Dire Studios
Jellybean Games
Keymaster Games
Kids Table Board Gaming
Letiman Games
Loke Battle Mats
Mercury Games
Mondo Games
Monte Cook Games
Pull the Pin Games
Oink Games
Osprey Games
Quick Simple Fun
Rather Dashing
Red Raven Games
Redshift Games
Restoration Games
Roxley Games
Sphere Games
Steve Jackson Games
Smirk & Dagger
Stronghold Games
TipTop Things
Weta Workshop

Publish Date : 6/24/2020

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