PSI Announces Representation of John Wick Presents

Publisher Services, Inc. (PSI), a leading supplier of quality games, toys, books, and collectibles, announced the launch of a sales and fulfillment program with John Wick Presents. Through this working relationship, PSI will be the exclusive sales and operations team responsible for their sales, warehousing, and shipping to all North American and International markets.

Beginning in June 2017, John Wick Presents titles will be available through PSI. John Wick Presents is the proud creator and publisher of tabletop RPG titles 7th Sea: Second Edition, Wicked Fantasy, Wield, Curse of the Yellow Sign, and many more.

“We're very excited to work with PSI to bring 7th Sea to even more GMs and players.” said John Wick, CEO and Founder of John Wick Presents. “As a storyteller, you always want to play to the biggest audience. PSI is going to help us do that.”

“We are looking forward to bringing more role playing games to market through our representation of John Wick Presents” said Mike Krause, Senior Executive Business Development, PSI. “John Wick and his diverse creative team are bringing exciting and innovative content to role players and GMs everywhere.”

Publish Date : 6/22/2017

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