Loren & Heather Coleman Purchase Rather Dashing Games

Loren & Heather Coleman, owners of Catalyst Game Labs as well as other successful brands, have purchased Rather Dashing Games from Kalmbach Media.

Rather Dashing Games is the publisher of several titles, including the abstract strategy game Element and the new dungeon delving board game Wakening Lair. All Rather Dashing game properties were sold with the publishing brand.

“We are very excited about the Rather Dashing product line,” said Loren Coleman. “We especially look forward to working with Mike Richie and Grant Wilson, the designers behind Rather Dashing Games.”

Mike Richie: "I'm thrilled for this move as I am confident that working with Loren and Heather will allow the Rather Dashing brand to grow in ways we never could have otherwise achieved. Their experience gives us the tools we need to flourish in a growing and increasingly dynamic industry. Now its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!"

Grant Wilson: "I couldn’t be happier with this acquisition. I truly feel like our abilities are clearly understood and can fully be utilized by this new team. We've seen what Loren and Heather have done with Catalyst and are excited to see that expertise brought to the RDG line. The future is looking very exciting and I can’t wait to see what we build together!"

More information will be available soon. Till then, Stay Dashing!

Publish Date : 5/1/2018

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