Steamforged Announcing the End of Metals!

Steamforged Games has a great history of innovation with our products and we’re excited to announce the next step. As we touched on during our recent Indiegogo campaign our metal molds are reaching the end of their lifecycle. We wanted to offer the opportunity to transition these classic guilds into the plastic medium but, the community response was overwhelming in their desire for new guilds instead, as opposed to our classic guilds renewed. With the release of the Ratchater's Guild and the soon to be release of the Falconer's we’ve heard you loud and clear and will continue to release these new and exciting guilds. However, we still needed a solution for our classic guilds.
We’re happy to announce that over the course of the next 24 months, as our metal production molds reach the end of their life cycle, we will be transitioning the classic guilds to “The Legacy Collection”. The retirement of the metal major guilds will coincide with the release of their associated minor guild, ensuring that new and veteran players alike will continue to have meaningful in-store purchase options.
This announcement should give all players the opportunity to pick up any metal miniatures they may wish before the changeover as these SKU’s will still be available through distribution. 
The transition will also help us to ensure that retailers are only expected to have the newest most exciting stock on their shelves without burying them under a backstock of slow turn SKUS.
What does this mean for your store? Reduced SKU count. Almost two years ago we started the process of reducing the Guild Ball line from 112 active blisters to 15 team boxes. This transition will help to maintain that approximate SKU count over this coming series of releases for the range, as we endeavor to maintain a ceiling of 30 active SKUs.
Effective immediately SFGB03-021 (The Mortician's Guild: The Master of Puppets) and SFGB03-031 (The Mortician's Guild: Strings of the Spirit Weaver) will no longer be available for direct order purchase from SFG.

Effective June 15th, 2018 SFGB03-019 (The Hunter's Guild: Blessed of the Sun Father), SFGB03-007 (The Hunter's Guild: Heralds of the Winter's Moon), SFGBHUN02-002 (Seenah), and SFGBHUN02-003 (Chaska) will no longer be available for direct order.

What is the Legacy Collection?
The Legacy Collection is our way of re-visiting the iconic characters of Guild Ball – giving them a fresh lease of life for old and new players to the game.  They will be produced in high quality, coloured resin matching their PVC counterparts and available directly from SFG webstore or any LGS that supports this direct range.
When are they available?
Each Legacy Collection team will be released to coincide with their relevant Minor Guild release – so as of tomorrow you can get The Mortician's: Master of Puppets and The Mortician's: Strings of the Spirit Weaverfrom our webstore!
Please note – these are Pre-Order items and we expect high demand. Due to the nature of their production there may be an increased turnaround time that we anticipate may increase delivery times by up to 30 days.
Following on from this, the Legacy Collection Hunter's teams will be available to order alongside next months' the Falconer's Guild: Daughter of Falcons releases. This will continue until all existing metal teams are cycled out.
Will the classic guilds still be playable or am I sitting on deadstock? 
The classic guilds will continue to be a valid playable option as well as valid purchase option.
Will I be able to acquire “The Legacy Collection” for my customers?
As part of the transition to “The Legacy Collection” we’ve expanded the capabilities of our webstore and are opening up direct ordering options to all territories worldwide. This will be inclusive of all future “Legacy” products in time. For additional ordering information please contact
Will we see a transition away from the pre-assembled plastic teams? 
No. Our pre-assembled plastic is still the best in the industry and the massive growth we’ve seen from our player base since its introduction means we’re on the right path. However, resin offers greater flexibility in terms of production run and mold longevity when compared to metal for slower turn items such as the classic guilds.
Will “The Legacy Collection” come with all the accessories we’re seeing in the new plastic guilds? 
“The Legacy Collection” kits will come with an exclusive goal, terrain, ball, as well as player cards. However, they will not come with the card punchboards that currently come with our plastic ranges. These accessories are available through our licensed partners.

Publish Date : 5/4/2018

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