Talisman Returns for Christmas

Talisman is back! This classic board game will be making a triumphant return across the world just in time for Christmas.

Talisman pits 2-6 players against one another in an epic quest for the Crown of Command, travelling through mysterious lands and magical realms in pursuit of knowledge, power, and of course, a powerful talisman of their own. With hundreds of adventures and a range of expansions, no two journeys through the lands of Talisman need be the same; explore distant lands or meet mysterious fellow travellers. Every game of Talisman is a new adventure in which the players are the characters - you’ll be able to write your own story very soon.

Talisman will be available in time for Christmas 2017, with a re-release of the latest edition alongside six of the bestselling expansions for the game. It will be available in English and for bookstores and board game stores in the USA, Canada, the UK, Eire, Australia, New Zealand and the Nordic countries for Q4. 

Publish Date : 7/26/2017

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