'The Crew' Named Winner of the 2020 Kennerspiel des Jahres Award

The award for Kennerspiel des Jahres was awarded to "Die Crew" by Thomas Sing from Kosmos-Verlag.

As part of a spaceship crew, players travel to the ninth planet on the edge of the solar system. They encounter all kinds of typical problems in space travel: Defective engines or a lack of oxygen serve as thematic hangers for a cooperative trick game that challenges the players in 50 increasingly difficult missions. At the beginning tasks are distributed: Which crew member has to win which card in one trick? And does this have to be done in a specific order? The players' means of communication are severely restricted when completing the mission: information about their own card hand may at best be given in fragments. The team members can therefore only achieve the distant goal with teamwork, vision and inventiveness.

Statement by the jury

"The Crew" is a cooperative stitch game and something special in itself. But the attraction is not limited to this unique selling point. Hardly a game before has been able to bring the special charm of stitch games to the point. Incidentally, the senses for the subtleties of this genre are sharpened and at the same time the players are challenged in an original way. "The Crew" is both a missionary and a mentor. A truly great trip!

Also nominated were “Der Kartograph ” by Jordy Adan (Pegasus Spiele) and “ The King's Dilemma ” by Hjalmar Hach, Lorenzo Silva and Carlo Burelli (publishers: Horrible Guild and Heidelbär Games).

The event was led by the chairman of the association Harald Schrapers and jury member Manuel Fritsch.

Publish Date : 7/22/2020

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