Pacific Rim: Extinction: Obsidian Fury

Release Date 10/20/2020
Retail Price $35.00
Manufacturer River Horse Games
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 755899988518
Weight (lb) 0.365

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Obsidian Fury poses a unique threat to the PPDC. Though no one seems to know why, this sinister machine has been recorded attacking and destroying its supposed allies in battle, the Jaegers of the Mark VI fleet.

With operators and motives as dark and shadowy as its armour, Obsidian Fury is an unknown force of chaos, unleashing mayhem against humanity with only the other Jaegers capable of stopping it. Who is really pulling its strings...?

Obsidian Fury is one of the antagonists from Pacific Rim Uprising and a new playable miniature for the Kaiju player to control against the Jaegers of the PPDC.

Obsidian Fury - a painted miniature
Kaiju Signature
6 Unique Action Cards
2 Kaiju Mutation Cards