BattleCON: Devastation Remastered

SKU L99-BC002R
Release Date 10/27/2020
Retail Price $89.99
Manufacturer Level 99 Games
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 9781948285360
Weight (lb) 9.5

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Will you save the world, or rule it? BattleCON brings the best of head-to-head combat to life on your tabletop. Select your champion from 32 fantastical heroes and villains, then build custom attacks to take down your opponent in an intense, highly strategic duel. Choose from a roster of all-powerful mages, secret operatives, skilled martial artists, and more! Each fighter comes with a unique ability that will inspire you to adapt your strategy and which completely changes the course of the game! Hone your skills to master combat and outplay the competition! No two matches will ever play out the same! Play this game alone, or combine it with other BattleCON games for even more possibilities!