Binder: DS: CC Portfolio 576 Dyrkottr

SKU ATM37004
Release Date 2/21/2020
Retail Price $31.99
Manufacturer Arcane Tinmen
Category Card Accessories
UPC 5706569370046
Weight (lb) 2.783

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Stunning wrap-around artwork featuring the Classic Tangerine dragon 'Dykottr, Necromantic Dabbler'. 24 side-loaded card pockets/page for a total of 576 card slots

The exclusive portfolio has a soft padded cover and a wide elastic closure band to keep your cards safe on the go. To reinforce the Portfolio we have added a hard acrylic board inside the covers making it difficult to damage, yet flexible.

The inserted pocket pages are ultra clear with a black textured backing, and all pages feature a soft-folded right edge and rounded corners, making the pages soft to touch and pleasant to flip through.

Every portfolio has a label pocket on the spine for personalization.