Deep Dish Counter Trays

Retail Price $3.99
Manufacturer Dan Verssen Games
Category Board Games Accessories
Weight (lb) 0.204

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Manufacturers Statement: We've been playing games since the 80's, and it has always been annoying that the counter trays were so shallow, so we fixed that problem. We ordered a new mold and started making our custom "Deep Dish" counter trays.

A normal counter tray is about 3/8" deep. Our Deep Dish counter trays are 7/8" deep. This means you can get more counters into every pocket -AND- most importantly, you can put dice in the pockets without bulging the lid outward. Overall, the trays are 8.5" wide by 11" long. so they comfortably fit into our standard size game boxes.

Each Deep Dish counter tray comes with a clear plastic top.