1879: London, or The Haunted City

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Release Date 6/25/2018
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This volume describes the London of 1879's alternate history in massive detail. Geography walks through every borough and provides game-ready locations and Adventure Hooks. Transportation covers not only how you get around in London, but how The Knowledge works. Communications deals with telegraphy, the Royal Mail, how the post and trains work together, and that new-fangled telephone device. Politics describes the governance of the British Empire, one of the primary industries in London. Everybody keeps track of the Royal Family, so there's a bit of a writeup on them in here. Criminals doesn't just talk about types of crime endemic to London. It discusses the law in relation to the sorts of activities player characters are likely to get up to. Further chapters include History, Business, Culture, and Magic. At the end is a complete adventure, Baby Boojum, in which a kidnapping goes hysterically wrong.