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Manufacturer Cactus Game Design
Category Board Games
UPC 830938007112
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BabbleCactus Game Design ISBN: 1-889055-30-1 UPC: 830938007112The Babble Board Game isan exciting new Bible game with a fresh style of play. Every player draws two cards and start calling out the words on the cards at the same time. Wait, did someone just yell "cross"? Yes! A match! Both players place their matching cards together. One player grabs a die and rolls it while the otherplayer calls out "odd" or "even". If the guessingplayer guesses right, that player gets the match.If not, the player rolling the die gets the match. The player with the most points after six roundsis the winner!The game contains six decks of cards, each deck being a different category, andeight colored dice.(Babble is great to playwith friends and family and is terrific for church groups with up to 48 players!)Board game for 3 to 48 players. Ages 8 and up