Bugs on Rugs

Release Date 5/1/2019
Retail Price $11.99
Manufacturer Kids Table Board Gaming
Category Board Games
UPC 649823627799
Weight (lb) 0.578

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A quick card-capturing game of persnickety bugs on colourful rugs!

Players take turns choosing bugs from the Floor, trying to build the best collections... every bug type scores differently. Spiders need Flies to eat; Fireflies like lots of rug colours; Beetles like even numbers; Larva hatch into other bugs, and more!

When one bug is left, it scurries to the Wall and activates its unique power, which can disrupt your plans if you're not ready for it! When the final round ends, the player with the cleverest collection wins!

2-5 players
Ages 8+
20 minute play time