Catch A Falling Star

SKU SCH51300186
Release Date 9/18/2019
Retail Price $25.00
Manufacturer Schmidt Spiele
Category Board Games
UPC 8030048950120
Weight (lb) 1.369

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"What was that?" . . . a bright gleam crosses the night sky and disappears into the dark backyard with a quiet "plop." A mysterious shooting star has fallen to earth and is stuck on the clothes line!

Now players can try to give back the rays to the little star as carefully as possible, without letting any pieces fall down. Some rays will stick to the star, while others will not. Will you be the first to give all of your rays back to the star? You'll need skill and luck to Catch a Falling Star and help it be complete again!

1-5 players
Ages 5+
15 minute play time