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Equinox is a two player, abstract tile flipping game by Jason Boomer. Each player is
represented by white tiles, or black tiles, playing two tiles per turn. Equinox is teachable in minutes, but requires complex strategy and critical thinking to master. The goal is to use
the tiles' unique abilities to flip other tiles to your designated color, or acquire more bonus end game points. The player with the most points at the game's conclusion will win. As the game progresses, the tiles will fill the table in a beautiful mosaic of constellations -- each tile's title is represented by a fictional group of stars.

Equinox was met with a successful Kickstarter, becoming fully funded in less than 48 hours after launch. By the end of the campaign, Equinox had raised more than double it's funding goal. Due to these successes, Asmadi Games was able to include glass beads for point chips in every copy, as well as an upscaled, full color, multi page instruction manual.

2 Players
15-30 min Game Time
Medium Complexity
High Interactivity