FoW: The Fox and the Rats Africa 1942

Release Date 6/1/2017
Retail Price $70.00
Manufacturer Academy Games, Inc.
Category Board Games
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The Fox and the Rats Africa 1942 is the second installment in the Fog of War series.

To simulate the tension of the era due to fog of war, players alternate placing secret orders on their armies in order to bluff, mislead and misdirect their opponents. These concealed orders make it difficult to deduct an opponent's plans and are used to hide a player's true intentions and objectives. Players then reveal and resolve the issued orders. They can then disrupt their opponent's moves, cut off supply and much more. Once orders are resolved the next turn begins.

Units are represented by wooden blocks. Battles are fought with no dice, but with a simple and quick combat system.

Action cards are pivotal to the game in that they allow players to either modify how many orders they may issue, add army reinforcements or modify a battle's resolution.

2-4 players
Ages 13+
150 minute play time