Gem Rush (2nd Edition)

SKU VPG02032
Release Date 11/16/2018
Retail Price $40.00
Manufacturer Victory Point Games
Category Board Games
UPC 610585961926
Weight (lb) 1.639

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Gem Rush: Second Edition is a perfectly cut, highly polished new version of this treasured title. Designed by Jeremy (Darkest Night) Lennert, each player is an industrious dwarf working in a magical gem mine on a quest for dwarven glory, racing to build the mine, discover its secrets, and strategize using its evolving layout!

New features of the Second Edition include:
Vastly improved component quality over the First Edition with a bright new graphics facelift for the rooms, gems, characters, skills, and even the rulebook.
Play alongside your friends in Cooperative Mode, or see who the best dwarf is in Competitive Mode.
New magical gems including Echoglass, Orichalcum, and Warpstone, each with properties that impact a sagacious player’s strategy.
Player Skill cards so each dwarf wields an individual special ability which helps them compete.