Geometry Strategy

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Classic board game, but with a Red Zone.

Protect your Sphere from aggressive Tetrahedrons and hunting Cones on your way to the Bullseye. Can you, or should you, challenge your opponent's Pyramid with your Cylinder? Is attack always the best defense when facing a solitary Prism? Will your strategy bring you victory even if the board's conditions suddenly change?

Strategic game where your Sphere wins the game, if you can keep it safe... In this game you need multiple strategies as the conditions keep changing. Your pieces are your soldiers on the board; to attack your opponents and to support your own. First player to place their Sphere on the bulls-eye is the winner!

Geometry Strategy is the strategic board game for the bold and tactic players. Even the element of chance is strategy here.

2-4 players
Ages 12+
30+ minute play time

Game Board
4 sets of 10 playing pieces
4 Challenge Ranking Lists
15 Red Zone Cards
Instruction folder