Giftmas at Dungeon Abbey

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It is Giftmas at Dungeon Abbey. A time for giving. A time for receiving. A time for getting what you want, even if it bally well means murder.

As they have done every year since time immemorial, the D'ungeon family are engaging in the wonderful Giftmas tradition of gift-giving. Will it be a cake, or a puppy, or a steel mantrap? Parcels are grasped, to and fro, as the vile family members vie for whatever feels like the best present. Will you get what you want? And why does this really heavy, round one smell of burning?

In each round of the game you'll take the role of the various eccentric and unpleasant family members. You'll score points if you end up with the gifts you wanted. But look out! Some of these presents are gigantic bombs! Hell's bells!

Play revolves around swapping cards representing gifts and character identities with other players, and choosing the right moment to turn your cards face-up. If a player starts their turn with all of their cards face-up, then the round is over and we see who has gained the best gifts to determine a winner for that round. The first player to win three rounds is the winner of the game.