Godtear: Lorsann, The Autumnal Wind

Release Date 12/6/2019
Retail Price $30.00
Manufacturer Steamforged Games Ltd.
Category Board Games
UPC 5060453693384
Weight (lb) 0.67

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Once guardian of the Eternal Glade, the Autumnal Wind has led her Mistwood Rangers from that hallowed place in pursuit of the destiny which now calls to her. Few have ever seen Lorsann’s face, for death usually comes long before such an event—or, for those fortunate few, quickly thereafter.

Designed for use with either The Borderlands or The Eternal Glade starter set, this expansion includes everything you need to play add Lorsann, The Autumnal Wind, to your warband.

Lorsann, The Autumnal Wind
3 Mistwood Rangers
Lorsann’s Banner
3 Profile Cards