Great Dalmuti

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Manufacturer Wizards of the Coast
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Great DalmutiWizards of the Coast ISBN 0786936851 UPC 65356902795Life Isn't Fair!And neither is The Great Dalmuti! In one round you're at the top of the heap, and in the next you could be peasant scum. In this fast-paced game of medieval one-upmanship, players take their places in the pecking order, from Greater Peon to Greater Dalmuti. But the roles change in every round, so get rid of the cards in your hand fast. The quicker you rid yourself of your cards, the higher you'll go. But don't get comfortable in the cushy Greater Dalmuti chair because even the lowliest peon can unseat you and boot you out the door! Sound unfair? Sure it is! But the sweet taste of victory could make it all worthwhile.