Incredibles Save the Day

SKU WFG60001723
Release Date 5/20/2019
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Wonder Forge
Category Board Games
UPC 810558017234
Weight (lb) 1.646

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Team up to protect the city!

Trouble is erupting across Metroville, but The Incredibles can save the day! Work together to stop the crimes before it’s too late! As the alarm goes out across the city, tiles are flipped over in the game board, revealing new problems and even changing the game board paths. Each player has a unique power, so strategize who will take on each challenge. If you can defeat the villains and save the citizens before time runs out, you’ll be the heroes of the city!

1-4 players
Ages 6+
30 minute play time

Game Board
4 Movers
4 Mover Bases
4 Power Dice
Movement Die
Jack-Jack Die
30 Cards
5 Rubble Markers