Mage Wars: Arena

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Manufacturer Arcane Wonders
Category Board Games
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Mage Wars is the customizable strategy game of dueling mages. Players take on the role of powerful mages, stepping into the arena to battle for supremacy. Mage Wars is a unique genre-breaking concept, combining the best elements of customizable card games and tactical miniature games.

Players can play as a Wizard, Warlock, Beastmaster or Priestess; each with their own unique strategies and style of play. The game is fast-paced and exciting, with tough tactical decisions every turn.

Players build their own custom spellbook, with over 300 spells to choose from! The game is not collectible - players have equal access to the same spells. There is no random card drawing - players choose exactly which spells to cast, when they want to cast them! This allows for an unprecedented level of rich strategy and tactics.

Summon powerful creatures into the battle, hurl lightning bolts and fireballs, adorn yourself with mighty weapons and armor, or lay a network of hidden enchantments to take your foe by surprise. All of this and more awaits you in the arena of Mage Wars! With subtle strategies and diabolical surprises, the balance of power can shift each round, keeping the game exciting and victory unpredictable.

New to the 4th Edition:
-2 New Beautiful Spellbooks!

-New Straywood Forrest Board!

-New Card Art & More Spells!

-New Box Design!

New Arena Gameboard
2 New Spellbooks
344 Spell Cards
4 Mage Cards
4 Mage Ability Cards
2 Mage Status Boards
8 Status Cubes
20 Action Markers
2 Quickcast Markers
9 Attack Dice
1 Effect Die (d12)
27 Damage Counters
12 Mana Counters
8 Guard Markers
6 Ready Markers
23 Condition Markers
3 Ability Markers
1 Initiative Marker