Merchants of Araby

Release Date 7/26/2017
Retail Price $40.00
Manufacturer Daily Magic Games
Category Board Games
UPC 602573043615
Weight (lb) 1.732

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Become the wealthiest merchant in Araby! Establish an entourage of merchants and allies, teach virtues, summon djinni, make shrewd caravan investments, and negotiate with your opponents.

At the beginning of a round, each player begins with a new caravan, coordinating the sale of magics, gems, spices and fabrics. Everything revolves around filling your caravan for travel - but watch out - your caravans must run a gauntlet of raiders on the dunes with an eye to steal your goods!

Everything is up for negotiation in Merchants of Araby. Trade coins for camel passage on another caravan. Trade cards for favors, gems for spices, protection from raiders for Djinni magic. Talk up your deal and see if you can get any takers!

2-5 players
Ages 8+
45-90 minute play time