Midnight Legion Box Set

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Manufacturer Studio 9 Games
Category Board Games
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You are an elite, android agent of an ancient, clandestine group who is forced awake after hundreds of years of stasis.Your memory is gone, and you can't recall your purpose.You will need to solve puzzles and choose whether to use combat, stealth, or sixth sense and diplomacy to unlock your mission and the secrets of the world you knew.

The Midnight Legion is an interactive story where player(s) choose how to respond to what happens next. Created for solo play, with a 2-player option, this three book game series promises hours of gaming.

Starting with Book 1: Operation Deep Sleep, everything you need to begin is contained in this boxed set.

Midnight Legion Box Set includes:
Book 1: Operation Deep Sleep, Memory and Rulebook, Color Map, 2 custom dice.