Monsieur Carrousel

SKU IEL51572
Release Date 11/21/2019
Retail Price $34.99
Manufacturer IELLO
Category Board Games
UPC 3760175515729
Weight (lb) 2.976

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Cooperate with your friends to help the kids boarding the wonderful merry-go-round of Monsieur Carrousel! Place them into the carousel according to the color of your die, and let them enjoy a spin!

Will all the children have the chance to go for a spin before it starts to rain?

What a ride!

1-6 players
Ages 4+
15 minute play time

Wooden carousel
Game board
6 Seating discs with different difficulty levels
10 Wooden sunbeam fragments
8 Wooden raindrops
Multicolored giant wooden die
12 Wooden kid tokens