Orcs Must Die: The Boardgame: Order Ed.

Release Date 1/27/2017
Retail Price $99.00
Manufacturer Petersen Games
Category Board Games
UPC 680569977854
Weight (lb) 6.8

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The award winning game Orcs Must Die! has at last made its way to the tabletop! Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame: The Order dares you to preserve your stronghold sieged by orcs. Teamed with Robot Entertainment our new game is precisely adapted to the tabletop environment. It includes scores of great plastic figures including your favorite heroes, plus hordes of orcs, crossbow orcs, kobolds, trolls, ogres, and more. Build a fortress, then watch swarms of baddies plunge through your defenses.

Each individual game supports 1-4 players, who must co-operate to survive the enemy onslaught. You and your friends each choose a hero as your game avatar. Each hero has an individual card, with his characteristics, special ability, and superpower that you need to save for the right moment. Each hero also comes with a heroic-sized figure and special weapon upgrade.

Look for the companion game, Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame: Unchained. You can combine the two games to go head-to-head with rival fortresses, with up to 8 total players!

24 Large die-cut Map tiles
Rift Display
Order Minion Card
21 Custome Dice
Die-Cut Counters
138 Weapon, Army, Gear and Trap Cards
57 High-Quality, Pre-Assembled Plastic Figures

1 - 4 Players
90 Minutes
Ages 14+