Pie Rats: Curse of the Farmer's Wife

Release Date 6/29/2018
Retail Price $14.95
Manufacturer Wild East Game Company
Category Board Games
UPC 865728000073
Weight (lb) 0.423

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It was only a matter of time before the farmer's wife figured out what was happening to her delicious pies. Now she's out for revenge. She has started poisoning the pies. But which pies? Will it be too late by the time you find out? To win the game, you'll have to take the risk!

Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm base game required to play.

In Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm each player plays the role of a Rat Captain who tries to build a crew of rats that, with a combined strength, is strong enough to loot the pies from the farmer’s wife. Build up your charisma and lure unloyal crew members to your crew to build up your total strength. Be careful or you may end up losing some of your own crew.

Be the Rat Captain with the most pie points at the end of the game and declare yourself the winner!

2-6 players
Ages 10+
30-45 minute play time

51 New Cards
Rule Book