RRI: Old Tyme Religion

SKU NJD020201
Release Date 10/18/2017
Retail Price $29.95
Manufacturer Ninja Division Publishing
Category Board Games
UPC 841822101151
Weight (lb) 1.554

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Old Tyme Religion introduces two new Raiders, Mutha Superior and Dr. Umbra Ph.D., to plunder The Interstellar Express of its precious loot. Their banditry will not go unopposed. The Holy Order of M.O.O. has arrived with brand new Lawbots eager to enforce justice—Preachers and Pallbearers. Old Tyme Religion also includes the enigmatic Legendary Lawbot, 999. Along with its model cargo, Old Tyme Religion includes new cards for your High Noon, Loot, and Long Arm of the Law decks, four new train cars, and an additional five dice, allowing you to increase the number of players for your game.

Rules Sheet
4x Train Car Tiles
Chapel Car
2x Mortuary Cars
Lawbot Maintenance Car
5x Rail Raiders Infinite Dice
9x High Noon Cards
8x Loot Cards
8x Long Arm of the Law Cards
2x Raider Cards
Lawbot Card
8x Fully Assembled Models
Mutha Superior
Dr. Umbra PhD
3x Pallbearers
2x Preachers