SoB: City of the Ancients Core Set A

Retail Price $99.95
Manufacturer Flying Frog Productions
Category Board Games
UPC 094922476678
Weight (lb) 8.6

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Forming an adventuring posse, players take on the role of a variety of Old West Heroes that venture down into dark deserted mines determined to root out the awaiting otherworldly evil. With tactical gameplay, lots of dice, and a robust card-driven exploration system, no two games are ever the same. Throughout gameplay Heroes will explore and find Enemies, Loot, Gear, Artifacts and even Portals into other worlds where they are able to continue their adventure on the other side!

Between adventures, the illustrious Heroes can visit frontier towns to spend Loot and gain experience. The experience is then used to level up, guiding the Heroes' paths through an expansive, class-specific upgrade tree of new skills and abilities, allowing each player to develop their Hero to fit their own play style.

So load up yer' six shooter, throw on yer' hat and poncho, and gather the posse, the darkness is coming, and all hell's about to break loose... in the Shadows of Brimstone!

(FULLY Compatible with Core Set B)