Steam Park: Play Dirty

SKU IEL76007
Release Date 6/14/2017
Retail Price $35.99
Manufacturer IELLO
Category Board Games
UPC 8056324760078
Weight (lb) 1.631

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Steam Park: Play Dirty, a modular expansion for Steam Park, allows you to introduce many different new features one at a time or all together:
New stands provide players with additional powers that allow for more diverse strategies to become the richest robot in town.
Six new characters offer players help in building their amusement park, making every new game of Steam Park different and unique.
Scary espionage dice allow players to copy the other players' actions, but at a cost!
New rides that expand the old ones, making them more profitable as long as you can afford the cost up front.
Components to allow for up to five players to enjoy the experience of creating an amusement park.