Sword & Sorcery: Arcane Portal

Release Date 6/29/2018
Retail Price $49.90
Manufacturer Ares Games
Category Board Games
UPC 8054181512953
Weight (lb) 3.142

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From the depths of the abyss, new, infernal enemies are summoned to bring chaos and death to the Talon Coast! Create new legendary tales by fighting and banishing them to save the realm.

In Sword & Sorcery® Arcane Portal, the heroes’ path brings them to the slopes of the majestic and imposing Thunder Mountains. Drawn by whisperings of a cult trying to end the world, the heroes are challenged by a shadow of nameless fears...

Continue the epic campaign you started in Sword & Sorcery® — Immortal Souls with the perilous quests of this expansion, introducing new, dreadful enemies x especially designed to interact with each other to defeat any hero who dares to cross their path!

Arcane Portal includes: 15 new deadly enemies, 1 new dreadful master enemy, 11 new modular boards, allowing the creation of endless quests, new items, traps, treasures, events and enemy powers, a new challenging story–driven campaign against demonic hordes and their abyssal lord… The Hellspawn!

Book of Secrets
Reference Sheet
16 32mm Scale Plastic Figures
11 Double–sided Map Tiles
Master Enemy Scroll
9 Enemy Scrolls
44 Cards
127 Tokens and Markers