The Gate of R'lyeh

Release Date 11/16/2018
Retail Price $39.99
Manufacturer DPH Games
Category Board Games
UPC 724165567733
Weight (lb) 2.786

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It will take a team of extraordinary individuals to embark on this mission of cosmic proportions and apocalyptic repercussions. As specialists from the Department of Paranormal Investigations, you have been sent to perform incantations to create four sigils and reinforce the cosmic gate.

Cultists are sure to be aware of your plans by now and are secretly plotting to thwart them. The clock is ticking and time is running short. Stop the cultists - create the sigils - seal the failing gate - save humanity. That is your mission ... at the Gate of R'yleh.

4-8 players
Ages 13+
60-90 minute play time