The White Box: A Game Design Kit

Release Date 12/19/2017
Retail Price $29.95
Manufacturer Atlas Games
Category Board Games
UPC 9781589781825
Weight (lb) 2.226

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Contains hundreds of components for game prototyping and a 208-page book of essays detailing every facet of tabletop game design and publishing.

A one-stop product recommended to anyone who is interested in designing or publishing their own game.

The White Box Essays, a 208-page book with 24 essays about every facet of game design and production
3 counter sheets with 71 pre-printed and 49 blank counters
150 small wooden cubes in six colors
36 wooden meeples in six colors
6 giant wooden cubes in six colors
12 six-sided dice in six colors
110 plastic disks in eight colors