They Who Were 8

Release Date 3/10/2017
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Manufacturer Passport Game Studios
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
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Gods and Goddesses are mercurial beings...given to jealousy and treachery, but they also can possess compassion and valor. Who among the pantheon can win enough glory among their believers so their story of mythic victory can be passed down through the generations?

Inspired by a cycle of poems written in 1999 (the poems themselves being fragments of a larger ancient saga), They Who Were 8 is a quick playing card game from writer, game designer, and illustrator Todd Sanders, and from the publisher who brought you the great 2 player game "...and then, we held hands. " in 2015, LudiCreations.

Each player serves 2 Gods, with neighboring players each sharing one each of your served Gods. Players seek to praise them for their Glory as well as try to avoid stories of their infamy. Actions are taken representing a bard's retelling of the ancient story of They Who Were 8. Players may also call upon the powers of their Gods to control the narrative and establish their version of the saga as the one told throughout the rest of eternity.

2-4 Players
20 Minute play time
Ages 12+

9 God Tiles
16 Action Tiles
15 Glory Tokens
15 Infamy Tokens
1 Player/Scoring Aid