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War! Politics! Gender Inequality! The Environment! Education! Which of today’s social topics is most important to you and which would you trade away?

Tradewala is a frenzied party card game that raises our social IQ! Every day, we’re faced with news headlines or social topics that affect us. Tradewala folds these topics into a trading game with auction-style speed. It creates a crazy fun environment with friends, family or even strangers, that organically sparks interesting conversation after rounds of exciting gameplay.

A “wala” is an expert in a particular skill. Are you fast enough to be named the Tradewala?

In this addicting and adrenaline-packed game, players start with 9 satirical cards representing 8 different social topics and blindly trade with one another, simultaneously, until one player collects all 9 cards of the same social topic. Now quick – sound the bell!

Strategy comes into play with how many cards to trade, which social topic to trade, with whom to trade and how quick and loud the players are. Get ready to be rowdy!

3-8 players
Ages 12+
20-30 minute play time

72 cards