Traveller CG: Ship Deck Subsidized Merch

Release Date 1/23/2019
Retail Price $14.99
Manufacturer Far Future Enterprises
Category Board Games
UPC 859723007045
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In subsidized commerce, a local government (or a group of several worlds) will agree to subsidize the construction of a commercial starship in return for its servicing an established route. Ideally, the route will be a profitable one, and the subsidy can soon be ended. But, even without profits, the route provides a channel for interstellar trade, producing markets for resources and finished goods alike, and acquainting the peoples of all the worlds with the higher technology or better quality that is possible.

Typically, a subsidized merchant will establish a route which will attempt to guarantee profits. Individual ports of call may not always provide sales at high margins, but overall on the route, sales can be expected to produce reasonable income.

Subsidized Merchant Ship Card
20 Adventure Cards
60 Captain’s Cards