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A frightening new virus is rapidly spreading throughout the man cities of the planet. The call it; Virus Q.

The players represent the ream of survivors that twill sneak into the laboratory looking for an antidote for Virus Q. They must gather what few clues lay scattered throughout the interior of the laboratory as to the location of the antidote; whilst avoiding or fighting the monsters that are residing inside. From the very beginning of play they will need to balance the energy spent searching between needing to move or defend themselves from the monsters stalking them. They will need to scavenge throughout the rooms the enhance your equipment and specialize to their needs.

There are four different game modes: Solo, Cooperative, Semi-Cooperative, or Competitive. Three different difficulty levels insure a level of replayability for new comers and experienced players and provides a different atmosphere around the table each time.

1-6 players
Ages 14+
90 minute play time

52 Miniatures
148 Room Cards
25 Clue cards
25 Exit/Event cards
15 Leader cards
25 Wound cards
20 Breach/Door/Barrier tiles
Antidote tile
4 Legend Tokens
5 Spy cards
88 tokens:
64 Action cubes
64 Bullet cubes
4 Player Boards