WD: Here's Negan Co-Op Board Game

Release Date 12/5/2018
Retail Price $74.99
Manufacturer Mantic Entertainment Ltd.
Category Board Games, Clearance Items
UPC 5060469663586
Weight (lb) 3.178

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Here’s Negan offers player the unique experience of controlling Negan’s top lieutenants to clear out the Sanctuary following the Here’s Negan graphic novel. Players must secure the Sanctuary and defeat deadly walkers, all while competing with each other for Negan’s favor.

Reputation is the unique resource element that is introduced in Here’s Negan. Gained through killing walkers, securing rooms and protecting Negan himself – players must manage increasing their reputation while also making sure that the mission is accomplished.

With the reputation mechanic this also separates this product from others as its not completely co-operative, as the players are working together to protect Negan, but also selfishly looking to increase their reputation.

1-5 players

16 double-sided board tiles
Character cards
Event cards
Room cards
Supply cards
Negan action cards
Threat traker
Tokens and dice
6 Survivor miniatures
12 walker miniatures
Lucille miniature