Bones 4 Map June 2020

SKU REM97430
Release Date 6/29/2020
Retail Price $51.87
Manufacturer Reaper Miniatures
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 700358215896
Weight (lb) 0.85

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Reaper Bones Monthly Assortment Packages are back! Each month Reaper are offering a new package containing the BRAND NEW Bones 4 models!

And just like before, they are discounting these Monthly Assortment Packages for retailers!

Enora, Iconic Arcanist 89044
Estra, Iconic Spiritualist 89045
Erasmus, Iconic Medium 89046
Zadim, Iconic Slayer 89047
Rivani, Iconic Psychic 89048
Hakon, Iconic Skald 89049
Adowyn, Iconic Hunter 89050
Mavaro, Iconic Occultist 89051
Shardra, Iconic Shaman 89052
Meligaster, Iconic Mesmerist 89053