5E: C2: Shades of Mist

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Release Date 10/2/2018
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Upon the slopes of the long bluff of Loretta's Agony lie the ruins of Aliegor. Long ago, it was home to devotees of the Og-Aust, the Frog Gods. Their religious house thrived like no other. It bore the fruit of wealth and the knowledge of the world before the turmoil of war and plague, before even the coming of the kings and the rule of the bastard gods. Now beneath the shades of the willow trees, along the course of the Mistbane's tributaries only the shadows of memories remain. Plunge into the deeps of the Darkenfold and explore the mysteries beyond the green. Here your worthy arms can explore the ruins of the village of Alice and the temple of Aliegor. See what dangers lurk in Mount Hermitage, but be wary for the mist upon the river is deadly and the Bowlgarr orcs are on the move! Adventure along the banks of the Mistbane River and explore deeper into the Darkenfold with Shades in the Mist. This adventure is designed for 4-8 characters of 3-5 levels. Overland. Explore the Darkenfold futher with all the ā€œCā€ series of adventure modules!