King of Sartar (Novel)

Release Date 11/21/2017
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After nearly a quarter century, King of Sartar is now back in print, now fully revised and annotated. This is one of the most important sources of Gloranthan mythology and lore ever written and a must-have for any fan of Glorantha. It is also a work of experimental fiction, a fantasy novel unlike any other.

King of Sartar is comprised of:
Annotated Argrath’s Saga – the complete saga of Argrath’s adventures in the Hero Wars
An overview of Orlanthi Mythology, including some of the most important Orlanthi Myths
The Composite History of Dragon Pass from the Dragonkill to Argrath’s marriage to the Queen of Saird
The Argrath Book – a compilation of material on Argrath
Jalk’s Book – material on the Colymar, Boldhome, and the Grazers

Thanks to better layout, the book is actually shorter (256 pages) despite have significant amounts of new material, including:
The Lost Chapter of Fazzur Wideread
Annotations giving out the actual dates of the Sacred Kings and of other Hero Wars events (instead of the wildly inaccurate dates in the original edition)
Countless corrections and additions intended to provide new information for the reader
Corrected genealogies
Corrected timelines
New and better maps

Although the book still contains deliberate internal contradictions and inconsistencies, annotations and other notes allow the Gloranthan scholar to determine the actual dates used by Greg and Jeff. King of Sartar is your guide to the events of the Hero Wars.