The Others: 7 Sins: Artbook

Release Date 2/17/2017
Retail Price $25.00
Manufacturer CMON
Category Books and Novels
UPC 9781941427088
Weight (lb) 1.508

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The Others is a game dripping with a dark menacing theme, and the art really helps to create that atmosphere. It's a world in the not too distant future, and the 7 Deadly Sins have been summoned to bring on the apocalypse. This limited edition Art Book freatures work from some of the greatest artists in the industry today. Featuring pictures by Adrian Smith, Miguel Coimbra, Stefan Kopinski, and a slew of other illustrators, the Art Book expands and defines the world of The Others. there are also several short stories to further immerse players into this terrifying version of the future.

The Others Core Box is needed to enjoy this expansion.