300-01-60 Necromunda: Underhive

SKU GAW60010599001
Release Date 11/24/2017
Retail Price $125.00
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Category Clearance Items, Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 5011921092697
Weight (lb) 7.592

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The return of Necromunda - an iconic Games Workshop game and setting. A standalone game, everything you need to play, inside one core game box.

Contains 2 multi-part plastic gangs – Goliath (300-10) and Escher (300-11) – which include multiple weapon options to enable personalised collections.

Comes with a 104-page softback book containing all the background and rules. 6 scenarios for you to play with your gangs.

70 cards including 28 x Gang Tactics cards, 10 named Escher characters and 10 named Goliath characters, enabling you to play straight away.

Also contains 22 blank character cards allowing you to create your own gangers.

Gang War book is required to play 3D games of Necromunda.