Barbarossa Historical Photo Edition LE

Release Date 2/15/2017
Retail Price $50.00
Manufacturer Kamikaze Games
Category Clearance Items, Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 853802003438
Weight (lb) 1.659

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Barbarossa is a Historical deck building card game for 2-5 players in which the German mili­tary invades Russia!

Using an in-game deck-building mechanism one buys cards from an open card pool to build a strong strategic deck. The ultimate objective is to conquer Moscow. If Moscow falls the player with the most victory points wins. Victory points are acquired by con­quering different cities and strategic positions throughout the game.

The first printings of the Historical Photo editions of both Barbarossa and El Alamein will be limited to only 2,000 copies each, and will have a limited edition exclusive card included with each game.