Catacombs: Caverns of Soloth Expansion

Retail Price $39.99
Manufacturer Sands of Time Games
Category Clearance Items
UPC 627843094470
Weight (lb) 1.189

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Catacombs is an action/dexterity based adventure board game. One player controls the Overseer, controlling the monsters of the catacombs. The other player(s) control the four heroes who cooperatively try to defeat the monsters and eventually the Catacomb Lord. Each of the heroes have special abilities that must also be used effectively if they are to prevail.

The Catacombs Cavern of Soloth Expansion is an exciting add-on to the base Catacombs game.

40 New wooden pieces
4 New Heroes with unique special actions
4 New Catacomb Lords
New shot types
Over 60 new cards:
New Monsters and over 10 new monster abilities
New Items including some for the Heroes from the original Catacombs game
New Rooms and Special Room cards
10 ''1000 gold'' currency cards