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Take to skies, cast your winged shadow across the land, and use your fearsome fiery breath to strike terror into the hearts of men. For you are a Dragon, an ancient and evil Wyrm, and it is your right to reign over this realm as you desire. Lay waste to the castles and villages that dot your territory, seize princesses, and hoard gold and jewels in your secret mountain lair. But beware! You are not the only dragon trying to sear their name into the pages of history.

Players take turns stocking Castles with valuable treasures, beautiful princesses, pesky knights, and powerful relics. At the end of each round, players will choose which castle they want to attack, one dragon per castle. However you must make your choices wisely. Although castles have rich treasures, they also determine turn order for the next round. To make matters worse, some cards may be played face-down, so your opponents can seed a castle with nasty curses or knights which will cost you glory points...or you can do the same to them! Mitigated card luck giving players meaningful choices, quickly resolved rounds but with undercurrents of bluffing and deeper strategy.

2-5 players
Ages 13+