Drakerys Core Rulebook

Release Date 9/18/2017
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Manufacturer Surfin' Meeple
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The legend tells that Drakerys, our world, was born from the fury of elemental energies tamed by primordial dragons. When the dragons fell asleep, their Elf, Human, Dwarf and Orc servants stood to fight and created the empires we know today. Centuries went by and Drakerys forgot the fury of its origins.
Today, the elemental messengers announce the return of magic and dragons, and a new era of battles. Old empires topple and armies rise to answer the call of new heroes. The world is changing!
Are you ready to take power?

Drakerys is a wargame played with miniatures in a medieval fantasy universe.

This rulebook contains:

An introduction to the world of Drakerys.
The game rules, with many illustrated examples.
Rules for magic and elemental invocation.
All the game profiles for the four factions (Paladins of Irosia, Orcs of Ashral, Elves of Avaren and Dwarves of the Aurium caste) along with the profiles for the Elementals and mercenaries.
Advanced rules for sceneries.
Nine scenarios for any of the four armies.